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Friday Farmer’s Market


Danbury Farmer’s Market
Friday, 2-6 pm
In front of Pioneer Hospital, corner of 8/89 and Hanging Rock Park Road.
Meet Roy and Ben and other friends and neighbors, bringing you garden-fresh produce and skillfully-made local crafts.

Children’s Festival at the Danbury Market

childrens_festival_2014We had a great turn out for the Children’s Festival in Danbury, NC at Pioneer Hospital on June 20th.

Many local non-profits and groups were present. The Stokes County Sheriff’s Department made free Kids ID cards, the Health Department gave free eye exams. Stokes County Cooperative Extension had a great minute-to-win-it came and discussed ATV safety. Stokes County WIC was there giving out information to prospective and recent parents. Hanging Rock State Park had a great educational booth where kids could look at several animal skulls and pelts. The fire department was there with their mobile trailer teaching kids about house fire safety. The art teacher from North Stokes was on hand to paint faces and of course there were local meat, vegetable, herb, soap and other produce vendors. Despite the rain shower early in the afternoon, the event was a huge success!

The children’s festival was announced in our local paper! Read the article by Nicholas Elmes.

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Friday is Market Day in Danbury

If you have visited our Facebook page recently, you Know Friday is market day from 2 to 6 at Pioneer Hospital in Danbury, North Carolina. We are still looking for new vendors so please let us know if you were interested by contacting us on Facebook.






Here We Are!

Stokes’ Future Inc. a non-profit designed to help feed our own, employ our own,  and prosper


  • Year round farmer based grocery store
  • Restaurant
  • Cannery/drying/freezing
  • Bakery
  • Jar recycling, etc.


  • Use education and resources to prepare county for future
  • Raise funds to begin journey in sharing responsibility of county’s growth independent of taxes
  • Begin comprehensive plan to secure infrastructure to attract “county friendly” businesses
  • To be a liason between schools, programs, government, etc. to close the gap in bureaucracy there by making progress faster
  • Create a real sense of community and purpose to all citizens to enhance cooperation to succeed
  • Create jobs!

Will Provide

  •  Provide ALL citizens potential tax deductible contributions relieving property owners
  • A  foundation that can receive “inheritance” or in-kind donations
  • A  tax potential tax deduction for non-county donations
  • Separate entity of the government to gain control over our financial future
  • A  revenue  balance helping to relieve the burden of property owners/taxes
  • Venue for tourism
  • Educational resource
  • Sustainable economy

WHO can operate the shops?

  •  Students learning companion programs can work at the facility.
  • Why not others getting assistance from Social Services? Work for food? Work First Program (May 2011) – 134 active cases. 27 are able bodied adults.
  • Retired farmers and older folks can give wisdom about old farming/food preservation.
  • Eventually hiring locally

Disclaimer: This website and foundation concept are evolving. Many changes may occur. Please remember this as you share this information.

Interest and willingness to get involved will be needed to move forward. If you have any questions feel free to email Please use Stokes in the subject box to avoid deletion.