Who can contribute?

Any one young or old. Even those who don’t live in the county. All you need is to believe in Stokes! Any amount is appreciated.  Contributions may be tax deductible.

What type of in-kind contributions are accepted?

Labor, equipment, building materials, expertise, advertising, and even land for future farmers. Just about anything that can help the  mission.

Who will be the farmers?

Anyone can be a farmer with the use of bar code technology. Both small and large. Young and old. The complex will be fed by a stream of farm products via farms worked by schools and farmers.

What other products or services will be available?

The plan incorporates canning, artisan kiosks, educational tours, etc.  The whole premise is to encourage all locals to sell and buy products and services to become a stronger county. Additionally, many goods and services will be identified and created in the journey.

What is the time line for seeing this happen?

Our hope is to see it to fruition before 2014

What happens to the funds collected if the venture fails?

All funds would be donated to Stokes County Economic Development or to another non-profit with a similar mission.

Where will this be located?

Site is to be determined. The desire would be to have two sites en route to Hanging Rock State Park.  To get the project off the ground it may have to begin in an existing store front.

How can I help make this happen?

Get the word out. Tell all you know. The more people who are aware the more the work and reward can be shared.

More question? Let us hear from you!